What are the main qualities of coriander that makes it more preferable?

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 Today, coriander is considered as the best and the preferable spice. Most commonly, it is used in India for many purposes. India is known as ‘’ dhania” or as the best raw spice, and mostly, it can be used as a sauce or for the garnishing of any dish. Not only in providing the best taste and flavor to the dish, but coriander also has many other features in it. It is considered as the first choice among other spices. Also, when dried coriander mix with other spices with lemon access or with sage, then it gives a very tasty and new flavor to it.

How uses of coriander affect your impression?

If you are organizing any event related to business dealing or for any professional work, then your first aim is to impress your clients. If you arrange the well into the event, but if there is the missing of the taste in the food items, then you don’t have any other option to impress your guests. In the other case, if you prepare the dishes on your own by putting a bit of coriander into the dish, then there is no need to make anything impressive to fix your deal. Most of the people are looking for the best taste whenever they visit any event, and if you should provide the best quality, then you can surely impress anybody.

Alternate of coriander

In case if you are not finding coriander in your kitchen, then you can use the celery leaves that can provide you the same taste and flavor. Also, it can easily found in your spices box, or you can pick it up from the nearby garden.