Staying informed on Child Custody Matters

St. Louis child custody law was designed to help bring stability and continuity into the lives of separated or divorced parents. It aims to establish a relationship between the child and each of the parents on a day-to-day basis. Generally speaking, there are three types of Child Custody; Physical, Legal, and Protective. Each type requires a different method of caring for the child in a caring environment. Once a parent obtains sole custody of a child, their legal rights are terminated by that same parent.

Child Custody


Legal Child Custody – This is where sole legal custody is awarded to one or both parents. In St. Louis, sole custody is generally granted to the mother and father. When the court awards sole physical custody to one or both parents, it is called joint legal custody. However, if only one or both parents obtain sole custody, then it is called sole custody. For more information about legal child custody, visit


Mediation Child Custody – mediating is a common way of working out Child Custody disputes. This process consists of a third party that acts as a facilitator between the parents and the children. They assist the parents with the necessary paperwork, schedule appointments, etc. and helps them come to an agreement quickly. It is a much quicker process than going through a divorce decree and mediation, thus more economical for the parents and children.


There are two main types of Missouri Child Custody Agreements; Traditional, which is also known as “In the Heat of Day” and Multi-uterial. With Traditional custody arrangements, parents must agree on and submit to a parenting plan that outlines visitation and other relevant issues. The parents also have to submit financial information, custody information and any necessary documents to the judge. The “In the Heat of Day” type of custody agreement is a little different; it does not include all the same things as the traditional arrangement but it provides an outline of what is to be expected during visitation and outlines the time each parent has with the child.


If you are involved in a Traditional custody situation, your first step should be to find a family lawyer who specializes in Missouri child custody matters. You will want an attorney who has experience with all aspects of family law and knows how to represent your best interest in the courtroom. Your attorney should be able to review your case and gather facts regarding your custody agreement, including all visitation rights and any additional issues concerning your custody and visitation schedule. Your attorney will also have the knowledge and experience to gather information and prepare any documents necessary for your case. You will need the papers needed to register the kids and to establish custody, including any order of custody and any orders concerning your visitation.


In addition to a family lawyer, you will also want a Social Work or Clinical Psychology attorney to assist you in the courtroom. Often times, there are family members who have a conflict of interest in the custody case and your attorney needs to be able to protect your best interests in the courtroom. These types of cases involving grandparents’ custody can range from abuse issues to psychological issues. Your attorney needs to be aware of these potential conflicts of interest and be able to provide you with a strategy to ensure your best interests are protected throughout the process. St. Louis attorney can help you navigate the courts and get the custody and visitation that you deserve.

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